Robot Yaskawa Motoman HP20

Robot Yaskawa Motoman HP20

Robot Yaskawa Motoman HP20

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Offering superior performance in handling, machine tending, packaging, cutting, and dispensing applications, the Motoman HP20 is a great fit for many factory automation applications. It is a dynamic, high speed robot with a compact design and built-in collision avoidance. The Motoman HP20 NX100 is compact and requires minimal installation space. It also offers the widest working envelope in its class.

This versatile high-speed industrial robot has a slim base, waist, and arm.  This design allows the robot to be placed close to the work-piece holding fixtures to improve part accessibility.

The used Motoman HP20 is also available at RobotWorx. RobotWorx experts spend a great amount of time, energy, and effort bringing all of their reconditioned robots back to a mint condition. Furthermore, any used HP20 robot includes the Value Package.

The new and used HP20 can be paired with the NX100, FS100, or MLX200 controllers.

Đặc điểm nổi bật Robot Yaskawa Motoman HP20

This dynamic, high-speed robot is compact and requires minimal installation space. It offers superior performance in handling, machine tending, packaging, cutting and dispensing applications.

The HP20 features a 1717 mm reach and offers the widest work envelope in its class. The slim base, waist, and arm allow the robot to be placed close to workpiece holding fixtures to improve part accessibility.

The compact design and built-in collision avoidance features with multiple robot control allow up to four robots to be used together to maximize productivity while reducing overall floorspace requirements.
This robot is equipped with the modern NX100 controller.
NX100 – the Next Generation of Robot Controller
Faster, feature-packed, highly reliable and easier to use – Motoman’s new NX100 robot control system has arrived. NX100 is the PC-based high performance robot controller.
The NX100 controller features a Windows® CE programming pendant with full colour LCD touch screen display. It offers high speed processing, unmatched memory (60,000 steps, 10,000 instructions), built-in ethernet and a robust PC-architecture.
The NX100 easily handles multiple tasks and can control up to four robots plus external axes (max 36 axes) and I/O devices. Advanced Robot Motion control (ARM) provides high performance path accuracy and motion control.
The control system’s PC architecture offers unlimited communication with other systems via a wide range of communication protocols. The improved integrated PLC will in many cases eliminate the need for a separate PLC, saving costs at the system level.
Multiple robot control
Real time synchronisation of up to four robots and external axes (max.36 axes)
Jigless welding possible
Enables high density robot layouts
Reduced cycle times
User friendly touch screen pendant
With Windows CE operating system and a full colour LCD touch-screen display
Complete access tto all operations from programming to maintenance
Reduced programming time
Possibility to create your own user menus
Eliminates the need for separate operator’s panel
Advanced robot motion (ARM) control
Dynamic calculation of robot axis torque and loan (an original Motoman development)
High performance path accuracy
Optimised robot motion & speed
Short pitch function
Collision detection
Communication features
Built-in Ethernet;Web, FTP and OPC server options
Fieldbus support of the 15 most common brands on the market
Easy to connect to existing networks
Remote monitoring and diagnostics of robot systems

Thông số Robot Yaskawa Motoman HP20

Maximum Load of Robot: 20 Kg
Maximum Reach: 1717 mm
Repeatability: 0.06 mm
Controller: NX100

Robot Motion Speed

Axis 1: 170º/s
Axis 2: 170º/s
Axis 3: 175º/s
Axis 4: 355º/s
Axis 5: 345º/s
Axis 6: 525º/s

Motion range

Axis 1: +-180º/s
Axis 2: +155º,-110º
Axis 3: +255º,-165º
Axis 4: +-200º
Axis 5: +-140º
Axis 6: +-360º

Ứng dụng Robot Yaskawa Motoman HP20

Arc welding , Palletising , Loading and unloading of parts , Machining , Handling of parts , Polishing

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