Cung cấp và lắp đặt động cơ servo Yaskawa SGM7J-08AFA61

Giới thiệu về động cơ servo Yaskawa SGM7J-08AFA61

The SGM7J is a rotary Servo-motor from Yaskawa’s flagship Sigma 7 range of servo systems. SGM7Js specialise in medium inertiahigh speed applications and are available in sizes ranging from 50W to 750W.

When designing the Sigma 7 range Yaskawa focused on three main development goals:

  • Fast and easy to understand set-up / commissioning –  This is achieved with the help of presets in the amplifier software which allows for the system to be commissioned without the need to learn the full expansive range of parameters beforehand.
  • Outstanding reliability – With over 12 million servo systems already in the field Yaskawa’s Sigma drives are tried and tested to work no matter what is thrown at them. The latest iteration of Sigma servo systems come with a host of new improvements to help increase uptime which reducing maintenance and servicing costs.
  •  Increased efficiency and production output – Sigma 7 motors come with a more optimised magnetic circuit which helps improve motor efficiency and reduces the thermal buildup meaning that additional cooling is unnecessary.  

Thông số động cơ servo Yaskawa SGM7J-08AFA61

Model Number SGM7J – 08AFA61
Rated Output (W) 750
Rated Torque (Nm) 2.39
Instant Max. Torque (Nm) 8.36
Power Supply Voltage (VAC) 200
Serial Encoder 24-bit Incremental
Design Revision Order Standard
Shift End Straight with key and tap
SERVOPACK Model SGD7S – 5R5A  SGD7W – 5R5A  |  SGD7W – 7R6A


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