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Giới thiệu máy cnc accuway

máy cnc accuway

Giới thiệu chung về máy cnc accuway

Accuway Machinery Corporation is a well-established producer of accurate vertical machining centers and CNC Lathes for various divisions of industry. The company was founded in 1986 and started firstly to build molding tools and trimming/forming machines of LED, transistors, and DRAM for semi-conductor packaging industry in Taiwan.

Followed the success, it has accumulated great precision machining technology and experience and then moved toward as an OEM supplier of CNC lathes to local machine tooling companies. Furthermore, it began offering its unique vertical machining centers and CNC Lathes to Taiwanese market in 2003. The company has R&D, assembling and inspection facilities at Shengang, the suburb the Taichung.

Since then Accuway products have won wide reputation and honours from a broad range of the customers, especially within Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia and Europe. Among the competitive market, Accuway has fought for its leadership in the precision machining tool provider and constantly endeavoring fundamental knowledge, innovating technology and considering customers’ satisfaction as the first priority and ultimate goal.

Các dòng máy accuway

Máy tiện cnc accuway : UL 15, UL 20, UT 200, UT 200M, UT 300, UT 300M, UT 300L, UT 300 LM, UT300LXM, UT 380, UT 400, Ut 600

Máy tiện đứng cnc accuway : UV 55E, UV 75E, UV 75 ATCC, UV 100 ATCC

Trung tâm tiện phay cnc accuway : UT-200S/UT-200SM, UT-300S/UT-300SM, UT-300Y/UT-300SY, UT-200Y/UT-200SY

Máy phay cnc accuway : UM 50, UM 60, UM 85, UM 85H UM 110, UM 110H, UM 130, UM 150, Um 180, Um 210

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