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YIN SHEN MACHINERY CO., LTD was established in 1979, with the purpose of manufacturing machines for cutting, coiling, and forming metal springs.

1987 Hydraulic press was demonstrated
1996 Small and compact forming machine was developed
1997 Computer-Controlled and servo motors were introduced in a new fully-automatic CNC version of our machine.
2005 A new factory was constructed, we successfully developed and produced multi-axis automatic CNC strip and wire forming machines.

With the continuous support and trust from our customers, YSM has gradually grown up and achieved improvements in many aspects. To provide the high-quality machines and the best service, we have dedicated in R&D, ensure a fruitful cooperation and relationship with our clients.

YSM products are manufactured with worldwide state-of-the-art techniques, which ensure

  • High productivity
  • High precision
  • High reliability
  • Long lifetime

All this combined together transforms your investment of a YSM product into a valuable asset.

YSM put many efforts in tool designing and development, in order to provide you the high-quality tools and relative technical support. Long-term business relationships and joint projects are in progress with our partners and agents in USA, UK, Germany, China, India, etc.


Máy uốn - Forming machine

Máy uốn tự động

Máy uốn - Forming machine

Máy uốn tự động YSM-10T

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