Robot Yaskawa Motoman ES165D-100

Robot Yaskawa Motoman ES165D-100

Robot Yaskawa Motoman ES165D-100

Giới thiệu Robot Yaskawa Motoman ES165D-100

The Motoman ES165D-100 is an advanced machine tending and material handlingrobot with 100 kg payload and 3010 mm reach.  The Motoman ES165D-100 comes equipped with the DX100 controller.

High-speed six-axis ES165RD II and ES200RD II shelf-mounted robots set standard for versatility in large robot market. Used for loading and unloading of parts, these robots can help eliminate inconsistencies of a manual process for applications such as turning, milling and grinding. Designed to provide superior performance in machine and press tending, and other heavy-payload applications.

Thông số Robot Yaskawa Motoman ES165D-100

Robot Specifications

Axes: 6
Payload: 100.00kg
H-Reach: 3010.00mm
Repeatability: ±0.2000mm
Robot Mass: 1120.00kg
Structure: Articulated
Mounting: Floor

Robot Motion Speed

J1 110 °/s (1.92 rad/s)
J2 110 °/s (1.92 rad/s)
J3 110 °/s (1.92 rad/s)
J4 175 °/s (3.05 rad/s)
J5 150 °/s (2.62 rad/s)
J6 240 °/s (4.19 rad/s)

Robot Motion Range

J1 ±180°
J2 +76° – 60°
J3 +230° – 142.5°
J4 ±360°
J5 ±130°
J6 ±360°

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